Secretary Clinton calls Turkey ‘emerging global power’ in foreign policy address

Voicing Washington’s eagerness for engaging in a full partnership with Ankara, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has termed Turkey an “emerging global power” along with countries such as India, Brazil, and South Africa during an address to the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations. “We will also put special emphasis on encouraging major and emerging global powers — China, India, Russia and Brazil, as well as Turkey, Indonesia and South Africa — to be full partners in tackling the global agenda. I want to underscore the importance of this task, and my personal commitment to it. These states are vital to achieving solutions to shared problems and advancing our priorities — nonproliferation, counterterrorism, economic growth, climate change, among others. With these states, we will stand firm on our principles even as we seek common ground,” she added.

 Secretary Clinton’s remarks again underline the importance of Turkey to Obama Administration foreign policy. Clinton paid an official visit to Ankara in March, prior to a landmark visit by US President Obama, which took place in April. Clinton and her then-counterpart, Babacan, issued a joint statement during the former’s visit vowing that their countries will consult each other and cooperate closely on a wide array of issues ranging from peace in the Middle East and Cyprus to Turkish-Armenian rapprochement and energy security.

Source: Today’s Zaman


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