Iran’s Ahmadinejad accuses neighbors of serving Zionism

Iranian President Ahmadinejad accused the country’s neighbors of adopting policies that serve the interests of the “Zionist regime,” semi-official Fars news agency reported. The hard-line Iranian president’s remarks came as Turkey, Israel and the United States started joint military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is Israel’s principal ally in the region and both countries have close economic ties following a military cooperation agreement in 1996. Ankara hosted four rounds of indirect negotiations between Israel and Syria until the talks were suspended in late 2008 when Israel launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Although Ahmadinejad did not specifically name which Zionism-serving countries he referred to, it is obvious his remarks were directed at Turkey, given the country’s strong military and economic ties with Israel. Ahmadinejad has been known to criticize neighboring nations directly and indirectly to increase Iran’s religious authority and political dominance in the region. It is possible that his remarks were intended to inspire Muslims in Turkey to protest their government’s Israel and U.S.-friendly policies.  

Source: Hurriyet Daily


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