Turkish Prime Minister: West treats Iran unfairly

In an interview published October 26 in which he referred to Iranian President Ahmedinejad as “our friend,” Prime Minister Erdogan accused Western powers of treating Iran unfairly over its nuclear program. Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, PM Erdoğan downplayed Western concerns that Iran wants to build nuclear weapons as “gossip” and implied that the accusers were guilty of hypocrisy. “There is a style of approach which is not very fair because those [who accuse Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons] have very strong nuclear infrastructures and they don’t deny that,” he said. Erdoğan also said a military strike against Iranian nuclear installations would be “crazy,” according to the newspaper.

Turkey has improved ties with Iran in recent years as part of the government’s “good neighbors” policy. Erdogan’s interview was given just prior to his visit today and Tuesday to Tehran and comes as relations with Israel take on fresh strains.  

Source: Hurriyet Daily


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