“Turkey will not surrender to European countries just to become an EU member,” Bağış says.

Turkey’s Chief EU Negotiator said Turkey would not surrender and commit to all demands of each and every member countries of the EU just because it wanted to become a part of the club. In an interview on BBC, Bağış said “This is a relationship based on a win-win situation and either we all win or we have to look at the situation.” He went on saying, “at a time when Turkey is a bridge to these energy resources, a bridge to new consumers, a bridge to 1.5 billion consumers within 3 hours flying, a bridge to all the raw materials and a barrier to illegal immigration, a barrier to narcotics and terrorism, a partner in solving climate problem, a partner in solving the economic crisis with a median age of 28, having the fourth largest work force, can Europe afford to lose Turkey?” Asked about recent comments that Turkey shifted its axis to the East, Bağış said Turkey had always been a bridge between the East and the West. Every bridge needs two pillars. Turkey has neglected one of these pillars for years and is now trying to make them both stronger.

Bagis’ statement comes just before EU heads will discuss Turkey’s Accession Report this month. 

Source: Today’s Zaman


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