Crisis at Sea: Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Flotilla

The deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza on May 30 prompted widespread condemnation and set off a diplomatic crisis for Turkey-Israel relations. At the request of Turkey, The United Nations Security Council met in emergency session May 31 over the attack, which occurred in international waters north of Gaza and killed at least nine people. Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan accused Israel of committing “inhuman state terror” with its deadly raid on a fleet of aid ships bound for Gaza. Turkish Chief of General Staff Gen. Başbuğ told his Israeli counterpart in a telephone conversation May 31 that the deadly raid on the Gaza-bound aid fleet was “grave and unacceptable.” Thousands of people gathered in Istanbul to protest the attack.

It is safe to assume that this is not only another round of deteriorations in Israel-Turkey relation, but increasingly grave. The Turkish Government recalled its Ambassador and requested a meeting of and NATO Council as well as the Security Council. With the frustration of the Turkish nation at a very high level, this crisis must be managed very carefully.

Source: New York Times, Hurriyet Daily 



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