NATO agrees to build missile defense system

NATO leaders agreed November 19 to establish a missile defense shield that would cover all NATO member states. Russia agreed November 20 to discuss the possibility of cooperating on the system’s development. Turkey dropped its objections to a common missile defense system when it was satisfied that no country, particularly Iran, would be named as a principal threat. NATO leaders also signed off on a broad new strategic doctrine intended to explain to their citizens why the alliance still matters after the cold war. The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Rasmussen said the strategic concept meant that NATO would “continue to play its unique and essential role in ensuring our common defense and security.” Left for decisions at subsequent NATO meetings were the issues of command structure for the territorial missile defense system and resolution of the Turkey-focused debate over EU-NATO security cooperation.

Turkish officials expressed their satisfaction with the new Strategic Concept approved at the NATO summit in Lisbon, yet Turkey is likely to be at the center of continued debate regarding the nature of the EU-NATO relationship.

Source: New York Times; Hurriyet Daily



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