Turkey ‘unaware’ as CIA ran operation out of Adana

In a tacit acknowledgment that a Turkish base was used to transport “terrorism” suspects as part of extralegal U.S. operations, a former senior Turkish diplomat has said Ankara was unaware of what the airplanes were transporting. “Those flights [the secret transfers] entered Turkish airspace from another country and left to another country’s airspace. If Turkey gave permission for those flights to refuel, it was under a parliamentary motion given for transfer of logistics and personnel,” the diplomat, who held a high-ranking position in the Foreign Ministry at the time, told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review on Tuesday. “As far as I can see, the CIA flights were among [the U.S. flights covered by that motion],” the diplomat said. However, I don’t remember the United States asking for permission for CIA flights.”

Citing a U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, the German daily Die Welt reported Monday that Turkey had allowed the United States to use its İncirlik airport as a refueling stop for extraordinary rendition flights. The allegation was denied by the Turkish Foreign Ministry in 2006 in response to accusations made in an Amnesty International report.

Source: Hurriyet Daily



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