Turkey pirouettes on Libya, serves as protecting power for US

Turkey is changing its tune on intervention in Libya, saying it will make the necessary contributions to the no-fly zone it previously opposed amid hints that it might participate in a possible NATO operation to stop the crisis in the North African country. In addition, Turkey will serve as a “protecting power” for the United States in Libya, senior State Department officials told CNN on March 20. As a protecting power, Turkey will provide consular officers on behalf of U.S. citizens in Libya and look after American diplomatic facilities in the country.

There appears to be a softening of the Turkish stance on the issue of intervention in Libya compared to two weeks ago, when PM Erdoğan stated, “What business does NATO have in Libya?” Turkey’s role as a protecting power for the US in Libya also reinforces the notion that Turkey is on board with the international intervention process to end Colonel Gadhafi’s use of violence against civilians.

Source: Hurriyet Daily


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